Friday, April 20, 2012

DIY: Treasure Chest

     It’s taken a while, but spring has finally arrived. A time for keeping up old traditions, embarking on new adventures and discovering special treasures along the way. It’s these tokens that give life to spring, even during the dull days of summer, the frenzy of fall and the cruelty of winter. It’s the Sayles ticket from a lunch where you made a new friend, the pen he lent you before your big test, the lid that you fished out of your beer after he capped you at that party, the gold star that that fell from his cheek during his Ebony performance, the Eurasian Collared-Dove feather you found in a tree while admiring his room on second Nourse, the voo-doo doll you made of his high school girlfriend. Wait, what?
     Moving on. You can’t show these things to just anyone. As much as spring is about letting loose your inhibitions and bearing all to the sunshine, some things should be left hidden. Creepy stalker or not, everyone has spring treasures to keep safe—and we have the perfect solution.  More stealth than a Nancy Drew villain, fancier than Donald Trump’s toupee, and cooler than the motivational dancers at your older cousin’s bar mitzvah, we present to you the secret book box. In honor of this beautiful spring day, April 20th, here are step-by-step instructions for an old-school gadget to hide the special objects of the modern day college kid.

·      Hard Cover Book
·      X-ACTO knife
·      Elmer’s glue
·      Paintbrush
·      Fabric
·      Needle
·      Thread

Step 1: Find a good-looking hard cover book that is at least 1” thick.

Step 2: Tape off the rectangle the size of your desired compartment on the first page.

Step 3: Using your X-ACTO knife, cut along the inside of your tape until you have reached the back of the book.

Step 4: Paint Elmer’s glue to the inside of your compartment and let dry.

Step 5: Find a fancy fabric and cut 5 pieces the sizes of your inside compartment.

Step 6: Sew the 5 pieces together.

Step 7: Fasten to the inside of the book with glue.

 Step 8: Fill your box with fun.

Morgan & Zoe

Friday, April 13, 2012




GIRL CRUSH: Beyonce Knowles

As a 90s baby, there are few celebrities who have grown up along side me. Hilary Duff, who I was sure would be famous until her last breath, has faded into oblivion and N'sync went Bye Bye Bye almost as quickly as that song gained fame (clever not corny-- moving on.) Sure, the cast of the Micky Mouse Club was around for a while but Christina's MIA and no one ever remembers that Ryan Gosling was a Mouseketeer in the first place. Which brings us to Beyonce. She was the shit when she was a destiny's child and she's the shit now that she's a baby mama. Who names their child Blue Ivy? Beyonce does. And we all love her even more for it. 

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Sunday, April 8, 2012


I've always thought there has been something quite romantic about easter. Perhaps this is the jew in me, romanticizing small children frolicking in a meadow in search of chocolate eggs as we nom on buttered matzoh in envy, but perhaps it's not. Easter is a day marked by pastels and lace and peter pan collars and really good church hats. There's a whole lot of butter cup yellow, rose pink and sky blue. And lets be real, what's not romantic about that?