Monday, May 9, 2011


While most of you thought you might never experience Mad Libs, ghost stories and tie-dye again after leaving Camp Angwusnasomtaqa, that is only partly true. The fashion world has recaptured an age-old camp tradition and has elevated it to the hottest new spring trend. We know you’re probably ecstatic at the mere prospect that the tankini is back (we wish it were true) but sadly, your old Camp Angwusnasomtaga tankini must remain (deep) at the bottom of your drawer. But fear not, something equally as wonderful has made a comeback. FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS! The only arm candy that allows you to subtly flaunt your popularity without looking like a tool, the friendship bracelet has finally made its debut into the fashion scene. Whether its made by you or for you**, worn alone or with twenty, the friendship bracelet is the most thrilling childhood revival since the lunch box. If (for some reason) your friendship bracelet skills have waned since Camp Angwusnasomtaga, here’s a step-by-step tutorial to get you back in the game.


• 4 colors of embroidery thread
• Heavy duty tape
• Scissors
• A thigh
• A friend
• Love


Step 1: Get your booty over to Diggs (310 Division Street) and choose your threads. Embroidery floss can be found downstairs.

Step 2: Select four colors and cut your embroidery floss the rough length of your wingspan (roughly 2 yards). Then, take your four strings and fold them in half. Tie a knot at the top and tape the strings to your thigh.

Step 3: Arrange your strings so that the first color is on the far left and far right, the second color is inside both of those and so on until your fourth color is next to itself in the center.

Step 4: It’s knot time. Take your first string on the left and make a fancy four with the string to its right. Make sure the first string is on top of the second. Reach through the triangle you’ve created and grab the tail of your first string. Pull it through until the knot is tight making sure the second string remains taut. Repeat this process with the same two strings.


Step 5: We know this can be extremely strenuous. If you feel that your focus is fading, you may want to take some steps to replenish those lost electrolytes. We suggest downing a Powerade and eating a cliff bar. Hopefully after these measures, you are ready to continue.

Step 6: Now, take the far right string and make a backwards fancy four with the string to its left. Just as before, pull the tail end through. Do this twice to complete one knot. Continue with the knots until the string is next to its same-colored partner at the center.

Step 7: Make a knot with the two same colored friends (it doesn’t matter if you use the forward or backward fancy four.)

Step 8: Victory dance! You’ve completed your first row.

Step 9: Continue to repeat steps 4-6.

Step 10: When your work is long enough to be a bracelet or you’ve given up all hope, find your bestie and tie it on their wrist.


**if you have no friends and lack artistic inclination, fear not. Friendship bracelets can be purchased at

Morgan and Zoe

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