Sunday, September 11, 2011

Oooh, you've got to Vogue

Hello you glorious ladies and gents. I'm sorry I've been lacking in the blog department lately but I was far too busy tanning (/melting) and accumulating freckles this summer to post. Hardy har har! Just kidding--sort of. This summer I interned at Vogue Magazine where I worked as a digital archivist. Getting paid to read Vogue all day? Ideal. When I wasn't sorting through sketch after sketch of the hat revolution in the 1930s (it moved from shielding your eyes to resting daintily atop your head doing absolutely nothing-- thus sunglasses were born!) I was able to gloss through other decades as well. Here are some of my favorite covers that I came across.

FIRST VOGUE EVER. 1892. Insanity.

1929. Color is born! Hip hip hooray! The world learns that Georges Lepape is a genius.

1942. They are still talking about hats.

1951. The most lovely bosom bow is presented to the world.

I forget the year of this but it was printed in November thus the need for a hat situation this large and in charge.


We got to watch Cher grow up!

See Claudia Schieffer pre-baby!

The Spice Girls were on the cover on Vogue in 1988 and then shortly after changed the world forever. Did I play charades with my extended family this summer? Yes. Was Spice World reenacted? Why, of course.

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