Friday, November 4, 2011

Fashion Profile: Name: Sophia Kissin

Year: 2014

Major: Undeclared


Q: How would you describe your style?

A: It’s really all over the map. I usually wear thrifted pieces and throw them all together into something that sort of mimics what’s popular, but sometimes is a throwback.

Q: Do you think being raised in Minnesota has influenced your style?

A: Yes, definitely. Minnesota has really cold winters and really hot summers. Because of that, I have a large range of clothing. I have so many dresses and clothes for summer but then so many clothes for winter as well. I’ve really learned how to dress for all types of weather and occasion.

Q: I’ve seen your blog Panties, do you think your taste in panties is similar to your taste in outer garments?

A: Yes. I have a wide selection of panties. I’ve bought some at Goodwill, but those are just ones that were surplus at Target.

Q: What’s your favorite pair of Panties?

A: My favorite pair is a pair that my roommate got me that say’s “I love boys.” Those will probably be going on the blog soon.

Q: What’s something someone would never find in your wardrobe?

A: I don’t want to limit the possibilities. I could probably have anything in my wardrobe, from either the past or the future and make it work somehow.

Q: What’s your favorite piece of clothing?

A: Probably a skirt that I bought this summer for $4 that I found out later was Oscar de la Renta. It’s long, silk, brightly colored and patterned.

Q: Is there anyone on campus whose fashion style you admire?

A: Tasha Rhoads. She always looks so edgy and cool.

Q: Looking ahead to the Winter, what are some ways you maintain your inner fashionista ?

A: Layering and trying new things. And never letting the weather prevent you from looking good!

Q: What were you for Halloween?

A: Rosie the Riveter. I wore a denim shirt with these black high waisted slacks that I bought this summer, beige wedges and a red bandana. And bright red lipstick, of course.

Q: What are you wearing right now?

A: I’m wearing a lace top, high waisted mom jeans and tights. Then on top, I’m wearing a navy blazer and a yellow silk scarf that I bought in turkey.

Q: Do you have any advice for the less fashionable Carls?

A. Drop the running shoes. Seriously.

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