Sunday, July 29, 2012

GIRL CRUSH: Sofia Coppola

For a long time, Sofia Coppola seemed a far too obvious choice for a Girl Crush post. Stills from her films have seeped their way into almost every one of my blog posts (relevant or not) and my mother has finally learned that when I refer to an unidentified Sof, I am referring to her. However, my obsession was revamped last week when after a long foam and drizzle dinner in Chelsea, I came face to hair with my ultimate film muse. Strolling down the street, arm in arm with a jolly old man wearing a bow tie, Coppola looked so unapologetically cool that I lost my cool and followed her for a block and half until my brother told me I was verging on unapologetically creepy. That night, I re-watched Somewhere and the Virgin Suicides and was reminded at how well Coppola is able to say so much by saying so little. Her work makes me feel incredibly nostalgic for memories I never had and leaves me with images of wispy hair and high school and longing for days after. Actress to model to muse to filmmaker, Sof is a perfect example that some girls really can do it all. 

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