Tuesday, February 26, 2013

jargon o' juergen

Instead of actually taking photos for my photography final, I've decided to instead stare/read/consume Juergen Teller's work in it's entirety. Originally from Erlangen, Germany, Teller moved to London in 1986 and began working with Venetia Scott for magazines such as W Magazine, i-D, Purple, Self Service and Details. Shortly after, Teller began move away from conventional models and fashion magazines and began to photograph friends, celebrities and family members for fashion houses. Having photographed the majority of my girl crushes, fashion crushes and real crushes, I've began to have a serious crush on the man himself. With the ability to  combine the aesthetics of Marc Jacobs, Harmony Korine and Vivienne Westwood with the faces of Cindy Sherman, Charlotte Rampling and Lily Cole, Juergen Teller has been able to both humanize and illustrate aspects of fashion largely unseen. 
Can't stop. Won't stop. 

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