Tuesday, January 11, 2011

8 Ways to Stay Fashionable during Winter Term

During the first week back from break, I decided to spend an afternoon in Sayles doing homework and catching up with my ten-week-old friends. As I sat down, however, I was rudely interrupted by a group of junior girls munching on pita platters and discussing their snowy trek across campus. “I forgot how ugly everyone gets during winter term,” one girl commented. “Yeah,” another girl chimed in. “we got a C- on College Prowler. I don’t think the student body is really that bad looking. It’s the weather that’s our downfall.” As a Minnesota winter newbie, I began to investigate Carleton’s unattractive student body stigma. Are Carls inherently ugly, or have we accepted the notion that with below freezing weather comes an unshowered, unkept look? Here are eight ways to stay fashionable during Carleton’s unfashionable climate:

1. Vintage ski onsies:


Preferably neon. Preferably patterned. Preferably belted (show off those curves ladies!) Known as snow mobile suits in the 1960’s, Vintage ski onesies are now a Minnesota must-have. Perfect for sledding, skiing, and walking to class, Vintage Ski onesies are making a comeback in the fashion world.

Where to find: Unique Thrift

2. Blankets with sleeves:


In 2009, the Snuggie, commonly referred as “the sexiest look in blanket-wear,” by New York Magazine broke numerous fashion barriers and proved that that blankets with sleeves can in fact make it to the runway. Debuting in New York’s fashion week in 2009, the Snuggie was both celebrated and loved worldwide. Two years later, while the Snuggie hype has subsided, a new wave of Snuggie inspired alternatives have emerged. The Freedom Blanket, the Blankcoat, the Slanket and the Snuggle Suit are all warm, fashion forward alternatives to last years season must have.

where to find: Slanket, everything else

3. Socks:

Striped, dotted, floral, or neon, socks are a fantastic way to stay warm while keeping true to your inner fashionista. Whether walking around the dorm or bundled up in class, a burst of color down there is both a subtle and stylish update from white sport socks.

where to find: The Rare Pair, little miss matched, smart wool

4. Showering:


While some might find this routine, as the temperature drops, student’s forgetfulness deems apparent. Being smelly: fashion faux pas.

where to find: the bathroom.

5. Sleeping Bag Jackets:


So commonly scoffed upon, sleeping bag jackets are ideal for the Minnesota winter. Why appear to class or a Sayles dance peeling back 25 layers when you could just peel off one? Length: below the knee (MINIMUM). Look: similar to that of a sleeping bag.

where to find: Canada Goose

6. Colorful tights:

While Gossip Girl did it first, Carleton can do it better. Colorful tights are a fashion must-have during the long grueling months of winter. Paired with a simple skirt or dress, an outfit is suddenly transformed from winter dreary to winter cheery! If you’re looking to get extra fashion forward, overlap two different colored tights (added bonus: so warm) for a technicolored awe-inspiring look.

Where to find: American apparel

7. Goodbye Blue Monday tea:

With over 22 different flavors of loose-leaf tea, Goodbye Blue Mondays is an ideal destination on a snowy afternoon. With the option to either create your own cup or buy in bulk to take back to the dorm, Goodbye Blue Mondays is a fashionable way to stay warm, support local businesses and let your inner tea snob go wild. Take that, Caribou Coffee! Recommendations: mint and jasmine.

where to find: Goodbye Blue Monday

8. Knitting:


As the temperature slowly drops, the trek to town or Sayles becomes increasingly less attractive. Why trade a warm heated bedroom for frozen boogers? Instead of watching too many hours of Hulu, knitting is an ideal pastime during winter term. And who knows—maybe you’ll knit enough winter accessories for you to brave the trek to Division Street.

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