Friday, October 19, 2012

DIY: Carleton Halloween Costumes

     We’ve all been there. It’s October 30th and suddenly you realize that the costume shop down the street has closed for the evening and the cat ears Jess was going to bring to your 3A are still tucked inside her backpack. You wander down the hall to your friend’s dorm room and ask if she has any suspenders or ugly Christmas sweaters you can borrow. A girl from your high school was once ‘a creepy uncle’--- that seems easy enough. Your friend down the hall quickly shakes her head. “No sorry, but come look. I just finished my cereal killer costume.” Excitedly, she shows you a white Hanes t-shirt with some cereal boxes hot glued in compromising angles. “Do you get it? Cereal? Like Kellogg’s.” You get it.  You walk back to your room, half mocking/half longing for her cardboard creation and begin to rummage through your own closet. Nothing. You look at the clock and realize that it’s now 2AM and you have a 1A tomorrow morning. Defeated, you crawl into bed and think of reasons why you’re too good for a Halloween costume.
     Except here’s the moment we haven’t all been lucky enough to have. You remember this article. Your panic subsides. You walk into Crack House and quickly realize you have the best costume in the room. Victory.

Jesse James:
     Northfield’s own local celebrity, Jesse James is an obvious first choice for the Carleton daredevil. Never mind that every Google image of him, he is pictured wearing a luxurious suit and bowtie or that his hair is so effortlessly slick. He is our quintessential badass cowboy, and the reason why the first week of school is associated with cheese curds and fried Oreos. Joseph Lee Heywood who? Nice kids finish last.
  • A chambray button up shirt
  • A pair of black, brown or tan pants
  • A bandana
  • A cowboy hat
  • Cowboy boots
  • Facial hair
  • Added bonus: pony stick

   Friday Flowers:
     Although in execution this costume is vaguely reminiscent of a toilet paper roll with some flowers on top, Friday Flowers is an obvious awww-inducing costume. Wrap your body in some white paper stolen from the Student Activities Office and staple the ends together in the back. Then, using real or fake flowers, frame your face in a floral wreath with bobby pins. For an extra special costume, write your special someone a note and pin it to the white paper. (James—I like chemistry. You like chemistry. I think we have chemistry.)

  • Fake or real flowers
  • Large white paper

Matt Spevack
      Sparking a campus-wide debate since the release of last weeks Carl over chambray vs. denim, this Carleton student is an obvious addition to the list. With an eye for fashion, a passion for trash humping and a voice so quiet that one needs to lean in to hear, this subtle costume will be sure to win over both men and women alike. Find some round-rimmed glasses, a denim shirt, and a spatula and you’re ready to go.
  • A pair of brown pants
  •  A vintage t-shirt
  • An open denim button up shirt
  • Round-rimmed glasses
  • Leather gloves
  • Mis-matched socks
  • A Baseball hat

A loofah
     Although not an obviously relevant Carleton-themed costume, campus hygiene is an issue quickly taking over the heart and soul of the student body. Last week, it was reported that approximately 68% of the student body was experiencing such extreme body odor that they were ushered out of the East Dining Hall to Urgent Care. If only they had used a loofah. To achieve this look, wear multiple tutus and a tie a piece of string around your body. For an extra loofahed-look, attach a loofah to your head. 
  •       Multiple tutus
  •       White string
  • ·     Optional: A loofah in lieu of a bun

     The star of the one-card video two years ago, a special guest in last year’s Ebony performance and the most-esteemed math tutor in the CMC, Russ far surpasses any 80’s inspired aerobic teacher costumes. His flair for neon spandex and encouraging ‘whoops’ during the twist section of step aerobics, Russ has won the heart of the Carleton campus. With tiny purple spandex, a sweatband and a ribbed tank top, you too can achieve Russ’s look of perfection.

  • Neon spandex
  •   A ribbed tank top
  •  Mid-calf socks
  • A sweatband

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