Friday, May 4, 2012

Fashion Profile: Ebuka Amaefuna

Major: Biology
Year: 2012

Q: How would you describe your style?
A: Eccentric, but also very sporadic and impulsive. I’ll be online and be like “oh that looks nice,” and then get it.  Honestly, I still haven’t unpacked-- all of the clothes I wear are still in a suitcase. When I’m getting dressed in the morning, I just take out whatever falls on my bed first and that’s what I do. They’re surprisingly not wrinkled. But I know this is how I dress, so whenever I’m buying clothes I’m very categorical. I put some thought into it beforehand.

Q: Does your style adapt as we move into warmer weather?
A: that’s actually tough for me. I didn’t think far enough ahead this year in terms of bringing my summer wardrobe. I just did some shopping for tank tops though, so that will be big in the coming weeks. I really like layering, so even if it’s warm and I don’t have to move around a lot I still do jeans and a t-shirt. Layers are good because I can take them off throughout the day depending on the weather. If I have rugby practice I just throw anything on because I know that I have to take it off later.

Q: What are some of your spring staples?
A: This green Sesame Street hat that I’m wearing. I started buying Sesame Street hats my sophomore year. My first one was red, Elmo, but that was stolen. Then I got a blue Cookie Monster hat and I had that for most of my junior year. This spring, over spring break, I knew I needed a new one. Cookie monster was getting old, so I got this green one, Oscar the Grouch. I liked this color the best. It was either this or Big Bird. I think a good way to think about it is red means stop and green means go, and so I’m just goin’. I’ve been going all term, every day. I get up and I just go.

Q: Where do you get inspiration?
A: color schemes in nature. I love blue and brown together. That’s not necessarily Minnesota nature but it applies to the beach—the brown of the sand and the blue of the ocean. I think that’s beautiful. I’m all about exaggerated natural colors.  Exaggerated greens and blues and pinks.

Q: If you could live in any decade for fashion, which would it be and why?
A: I think this is a good time for fashion. The reason being is that it’s more acceptable to reach back in fashion history as well as going a little bit ahead. It’s an accepting time and when you get that kind of mixture and collision with ideas about fashion I think you get some really cool trends.

Q: What is your favorite piece of clothing that you own?
A: This Dave Chappelle black and grey tank top where he’s putting crack on a peanut butter sandwich. Naturally.

Q: Who is your most prominent fashion influence?
A: Kid Cudi. Not necessarily because of what he wears, but the way he wears it.

Q: What are you wearing right now?
A: I’m wearing a blue and green Chaps long sleeve button up. It’s pretty casual. Then I’m wearing brown pants from H&M, navy shoes and dress socks. I really like dress socks. I try to incorporate those as much as possible. And of course my green hat and blue Knockaround sunglasses.

Q: Do you have any advice for the less fashionable Carls?
A: The important thing is to just to embrace your fashion. I don’t want everyone to look the same so I appreciate everyone’s individual fashion, but you have to believe it. I wont believe it if you don’t believe it. Be bold and have fun. 

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  1. You really should have highlighted his wonderfully painted fingernail, to match the oscar hat.