Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fashion Profile: Emily Ban

Year 2012
Major: Dance/ French and Francophone Studies

Q: How would you describe your style?
I think other people would describe it as grandma chic but I like to think it’s retro and classic with a healthy mix of masculine and feminine styles.

Q: How has growing up in New York City influenced the way you view fashion and your own personal style?
I think my style has gotten so much better since leaving New York City. I’ve just developed a real personal style since coming to Carleton. In New York I just wanted to fit in but since coming here I realized I’m not going to fit in either way, so I just went with it. I do think though that growing up in New York makes you want to dress up.

In what ways have you had to adapt your style since moving to the Midwest?
I shop at a lot of mid-western consignment and thrift stores now—this dress is from Division Street. My style has gotten a lot more housewife intensive. I’ve also gotten glasses since coming to Carleton and have cut my hair up a million times. I’d say I’ve also become more rustic.

Q: Being a dance major, do you find that fashion and dancing are comparable outlets of creativity?
Yes. I think that as a dancer in the way that you move, you need to exude a personal style. You have to learn really quickly what your personal style is through dancing and so I think through that process you develop a stronger fashion style as well. There’s also fashion dance style --- that’s like a huge thing. Billowy shirts, really loose pants and things that casually fall off your shoulder. That’s a must look. I never like to look like I’m trying too hard.

Q: What are some of your spring staples?
Defiantly these brown suede Desert Boots that I’m wearing right now. I don’t think they are meant for spring, but I got them in the spring and I’ve been wearing them in the spring. I also got this new gingham black and white dress that makes me feel like a little girl that belongs in an art gallery and I love it. I also have a green army jacket from a vintage store in Paris that I wear a lot.

Q: Who are some of your style icons?
My roommate Tasha Rhoads (12’). We share clothes a lot, and like to play this game where we look in our closet and find things that we never wear and put it on the other person and make them figure out how to style and wear it. We do that each other a lot. She recently gave me these random Topshop trousers and made me figure it out. I learn a lot from her. She also sews her own clothing, which is just awesome.

Q: If you could live in any decade for fashion, which would it be and why?
The 1950s. Definitely the 1950s. Mainly because the shape of clothing in the 50s best suits my body type. 1950s clothing goes in perfectly at my waist and makes me feel super glamorous. I often feel like Betty Draper, but a little bit tougher. I just bought this really funny sleeveless button down at one of the vintage stores in town and whenever I wear it I feel just like her.

Q: What are you wearing right now?
I’m wearing a terry cloth dress that I got in the consignment store on Division Street. It used to go down to my calves but then I cut it and sewed it with multi-colored thread, no one seems to notice. I’m also wearing my Desert Boots, pearls I got for Hanukah and my new haircut.

Q: Do you have any advice for the less fashionable Carls?
Be bold and don’t be afraid to live completely in another decade for a few days. Sometimes if feel like there’s nothing baiting me in this time period and I really to escape to another.

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