Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Recently, I've noticed our intense longing for the past in an attempt to look to the future. This could be because I've done nothing but watch Mad Men for the past week and a half or maybe because I'm in a digital photography class where people drench their photos in sepia tones and black and white but there seems to be a theme of nostalgia in our present day culture. A 1920s inspired silent film just won 5 Oscars and my style icons typically wear vintage body suits-- "I found it in my grandmothers closet." I mock people who use instagram filters religiously and sigh occasionally stating that they were born in the wrong decade, but in reality I'm not all that different. I'm obsessed with my polaroid camera and I have such intense feelings about 1950s children's patterns that I'm forced to use them as templates for my own designs. I guess the grass is always greener. When older. And covered in sequins, tulle and fur. Or something.

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